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Course S2: X-ray microanalysis

This course concentrates on general X-ray microanalysis of inorganic materials. Normally, no prior knowledge of X-ray microanalysis is assumed.

This course is normally run in conjunction with EBT Ltd, the UK agents for SAMx microanalysis products, and is based on the SAMx IDFix X-ray microanalysis system. However, alternative systems may be available on request. Where the course is held at the client's premises, the course will obviously be based on the client's own equipment.

The course is intensive and consists of about 50% theory and discussion and 50% practical work on the SEM/EDX systems. The course is held in small groups, up to a maximum of about 4 people per course, in order to allow sufficient time for everyone to become confident in using the equipment. Courses can either be 'Open' and attended by people from different organisations, or can be held for individual clients where the client has sufficient prospective attendees.

The standard course runs for three days at our premises in Suffolk. In addition to new users of the SAMx IDFix system, the course is also suitable for anyone with a general interest in SEM/EDX of inorganic materials. The normal course content includes: X-ray microanalysis basics; X-ray generation, absorption and fluorescence; atomic number effect; basic use of the IDFix software; setting up IDFix and the Numerix box; specimen preparation; qualitive analysis; quantitative analysis; miscellaneous IDFix topics - software installation, report generation etc..

Where the course is held at the client's premises, there is scope for varying the content according to the client's particular interests.

As the needs of clients vary considerably, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and provide a suggested course programme and an estimate of the cost.

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